Charles L. Harding

27 November 1819 ---- 21 November 1889

Charles L. Harding was counted in the following censuses:
1850 in New York, Livingston County, Nunda; Page 69; Page 61 from 1850 index book; Oct 1850
Line # 3 - 5; Dwelling # 541; Family visited # 549
Harding, Charles - age 30, male, Physician, born in NY
----, Margeret - age 31, female, born in NY
----, Ernist V. - age 3, female, born in NY - *Ernist - possibly male (census error ?).

1855 in New York, Livingston County, Nunda
Livingston County Historian's Office, Geneseo, New York; June 16, 1855
Page 5; 2nd Election District; Line # 30 - 33; Dwelling # 39; Family visited # 41 & 42
Harding, Charles - age 35, male, born in Steuben County, Married, years here - 9, Physician, native voter
----, Margeret - age 36, female, wife, born in Seneca County, married, years here - 9
----, Ernist - age 8, male, born in Livingston County

1860 in New York, Livingston County, Nunda; Page 5; June 11, 1860
Line # 36 - 38; Dwelling # 8; Family visited # 8
Harding, Charles - age 40, male, occupation - Physician, value of real estate - 1000, value of personal estate - 300, born in New York
----, Margeret - age 41, female, wife, born in New York
----, Ernist V. - age 13, male, born in New York, attended school within the year

1865 in New York, Livingston County, Nunda
Livingston County Historian's Office, Geneseo, New York; June 13, 1865
Page 22; Line # 37 - 39; Dwelling # 163; Family visited # 178; Built of Frame; Value - $1100
Harding, Charles L. - age 45, male, born in Steuben County, Married, # of marriages - 1, occupation - Physician
----, Margeret - age 46, female, wife, born in Saratoga County, # of Children 2; married, # of marriages - 1
----, Charles E. - age 18, male, born in Livingston County; single; occupation - machinest

Taken from Old Fulton NY Post Cards
Nunda News Nunda New York Thursday Jan. 9, 1958

OBITUARY DEATH: Livingston County Historian's Office, Geneseo, New York. Microfilm of Livingston Republican Newspaper dated November 28, 1889, Page 3 reads:

Dr. C. Harding Found Dead Near Nunda. Last Thursday afternoon Dr. C. Harding, a practicing physician of Nunda, was found dead on East Hill. His horse was nearby grazing and the buggy was overturned. By the prostrate body was the doctor's little dog keeping watch. His wife was notified of the sad occurrence and Coroner Dodge of Mt. Morris summoned. The Nunda News says: Dr. Dodge arrived on the evening train and examined the body which had been taken to Willard's undertaking rooms. He found a wound over the right eye sufficient to cause death, but whether caused in falling from the buggy and striking upon a stone, or from the kick of this horse, was uncertain, and never will be known, as no one saw the accident. The buggy was badly wrecked and the horse detached when Mrs. Gormel first discovered him. His watch had stopped at ten minutes to two o'clock, which indicates the time the accident occurred. The Coroner deemed an inquest unnecessary, as there was no question but that his death was caused by some accident, the exact nature of which could not be determined by an inquest. Dr. Harding had been a practicing physician in Nunda for over thirty years.

Information from Nunda Town Clerk's Office, Nunda, New York
Charles L. Harding
Death Date: November 21, 1889
Place of Birth: Hornellsville
Age: 69 years 11 months 24 days
Father - Justus Harding
Birth place of Father - Hornellsville
Mother - Polly Drake
Birth place of Mother - Onondaga County

New York, Livingston County, Nunda, Oakwood Cemetery

NOTE: There is no cemetery record of burial in the Nunda Town Clerks Office for Charles, his wife nor their son.

Charles L. Harding
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