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Sarah Cook Cornell

27 August 1876 ---- 27 January 1917

Sarah was counted in the following censuses:

1880 in New York, Steuben County, Corning ( 38B (39),ED # 169. Tioga Ave., Enumeration District # 169)
Cook, Marea , White, Female,
Age 32, Mother, Widowed or divorced,
Keeping House, Place of Birth New York,
Father Place of Birth New Jersey,
Mother Place of Birth New York
Joel (hard to read), White, Male, Age 8,
Son, Single, Attending School,
Place of Birth New York,
Father Place of Birth New Jersey,
Mother Place of Birth New York
George, age 6
Sarah, age 3

Taken from Old Fulton NY Post Cards
The Evening Leader, Corning, N. Y. Wednesday June 15, 1898

1900 in New York, Steuben County, Corning; Page 3A; 2 Jun 1900; Image 5
ED # 73; Lines 42 - 47; Steuben Street; House # 58; Dwelling # 52; Family visited # 52
Cornell, Delos - head, male, born Mar/1863, age 34, married 7 years, self and parents born in New York,
Day Laborer, months unemployed 0, can read and write, rent house
----, Sarah E. - wife, female, born Aug/1876, age 23, married 7 years,
4 children born, 4 children living, self and parents born in NY, able to read and write
----, George D. - son, male, born Dec/1894, age 5, self and parents born in NY
----, Murtie M. - daughter, female, born May/1895, age 5, self and parents born in NY
----, Sadie - daughter, female, born Feb/1897, age 3, self and parents born in NY
----, Charles H. - son, male, born Apr/1900, age 6/12, self and parents born in NY

1905 in New York, Steuben County,Corning City, First Ward (Bath Town Clerk's Office holds this record, Page 2)
Tioga Ave, Dwelling # 19
Cornell, Deloss, Head, age 41, Hostler (Road House)
Cornell, Searrah, Wife, age 29, Housewife
George D., age 11
Murtie M., age 9
Sadie N., age 8
Charles H., age 6
Arthur I., age 3
Hilda M., age 4/12
Kids went to School 8 1/2

1910 in New York, Steuben County, Corning Town (
Cornel, Delos
head, male, white, age 44, married,
# of years of present marriage 17,
place of birth New York,
Father and mother place of birth United States,
laborer, iron foundry, can read and write, rent house
Cornel, Sarah E.
wife, female, white, age 33, married, 17 years,
7 children and 7 living, place of birth New york,
Father and Mother birth place New York
George, male, age 15, single, laborer,
Glass Factory, able to read but not write,
attended school in that year
Myrtle M., female, age 13, single
Sarah N., female, age 11, single
Charles H., male, age 9, single
Arthur, male, age 7, single
Marie, female, age 5, single
Chester, male, age 2, single

None found

Sarah Cook was suppose to have been born in Caton Center Cross


Delos Cornell & Sarah E. Cook, 181.
Groom:Delos Cornell, Residence: Corning, Age 30, Occupation: Teamster,
Birthplace: Himrods, NY, Father's name: Maxwell Cornell,
Mother's name: Huldah Mead, first marriage for both
Bride: Sarah E. Cook, Residence: Corning, Age 18
Birthplace: Caton, NY, Father's name: Geo. W. Cook
Mother's name: Maria Crout
Rev. C. B. Perkins
Registered Oct. 15, 1893. Married September 28, 1893

Sarah E. Cornell's Death Registration register # 8.
Sarah E. Cornell
female, white, married
dob Aug. 14, 1917 (on death reg.)
Actual Birth 27 Aug 1876 in Caton, New York.
age 40 yrs 4 mos 13 ds
occupation housewife
birthplace Caton
name of father George Cook
birthplace of father Caton ?
maiden name of mother Myre.
Lobar Pneumonia (pneumonia in both lungs)
buried 30 Jan 1917 in Hope Cemetery, Corning, New York.

Sarah and Delos tombstone in Hope Cemetery,Corning,New York

Sarah Cook Cornell