John C. Crout's Death

DEATH: Taken from /~nyschuyl/evakobit.htm Corning NY Democrat - August 3, 1876
John Grought (John C. Crout), a farmer residing at Beaver Dams, met his death early Monday Afternoon, under the following circumstances: He intended going to visit a son-in-law, GEORGE COOK residing at Caton and to make a short cut from here took the Eris Track to a lane leading from the tracks near George Wolcott's. When neer the bridge he was warned of the approach of Train 38 coming behind him, and he was on the eastern bound track but not in time to avoid Train 35 which was going west. He attempted to leave the track but did not succeed and was struck by the engine and thrown against the bridge. He received several injuries about the abdomen and neck, his right arm was also broken. Train 35 picked him up and brought him to this station where he died about half past two, living about two hours after receiving the injuries. He was a man of about sixty-five years of age, and leaves a wife and several children. The Coroner, Dr. Wylie, of Bath held an inquest on Monday evening. The jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the above facts and exonerated the Erie Railway Co. and its employees from all blame.

Taken from Old Fulton NY Post Cards
Corning Democrat 3, April 1876

John C. Crout's Obituary
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