Myrtle Cornell Werner
2 Apr. 1896 ------- Mar 1987

We had always called her Aunt Mert.

Myrtle was counted in the following censuses:

1900 in New York, Steuben County, Corning; Page 3A; 2 Jun 1900; Image 5
ED # 73; Lines 42 - 47; Steuben Street; House # 58; Dwelling # 52; Family visited # 52
Cornell, Delos - head, male, born Mar/1863, age 34, married 7 years, self and parents born in New York,
Day Laborer, months unemployed 0, can read and write, rent house
----, Sarah E. - wife, female, born Aug/1876, age 23, married 7 years,
4 children born, 4 children living, self and parents born in NY, able to read and write
----, George D. - son, male, born Dec/1894, age 5, self and parents born in NY
----, Murtie M. - daughter, female, born May/1895, age 5, self and parents born in NY
----, Sadie - daughter, female, born Feb/1897, age 3, self and parents born in NY
----, Charles H. - son, male, born Apr/1900, age 6/12, self and parents born in NY

1905 in New York, Steuben County,Corning City, First Ward (Bath Town Clerk's Office holds this record, Page 2)
Tioga Ave, Dwelling # 19
Cornell, Deloss, Head, age 41, Hostler (Road House)
Cornell, Searrah, Wife, age 29, Housewife
George D., age 11
Murtie M., age 9
Sadie N., age 8
Charles H., age 6
Arthur I., age 3
Hilda M., age 4/12
Kids went to School 8 1/2

1910 in New York, Steuben County, Corning Town (
Cornel, Delos
head, male, white, age 44, married,
# of years of present marriage 17,
place of birth New York,
Father and mother place of birth United States,
laborer, iron foundry, can read and write, rent house
Cornel, Sarah E.
wife, female, white, age 33, married, 17 years,
7 children and 7 living, place of birth New york,
Father and Mother birth place New York
George, male, age 15, single, laborer,
Glass Factory, able to read but not write,
attended school in that year
Myrtle M., female, age 13, single
Sarah N., female, age 11, single
Charles H., male, age 9, single
Arthur, male, age 7, single
Marie, female, age 5, single
Chester, male, age 2, single

1915in New York State Census, Orleans County, Town of Albion, Name of Institution, Western house of Refuse, Assembly district 1 , date June 1 , 1915,;
Cornell, Myrtle
Relationship to head of family. Head,
House number. Rd.
Line number. 25
Color . white
Sex. Female,
Age . 20.
Nativity. U. S.
Number of years in the United States. 20
Citizen or Alien Cit;
For Inmates of Institutions infants under one year of age. If an inmate of an institution,enter the residents given when admitted. Corning

1920 in New York, Steuben County, Corning City ( - Enumeration District 203; Page 1B)
Lines 96-100
Underwood, Arthur E. - head, own home, mortgaged, age 48, married,
Trainman, Railroad
----, Nina - wife, age 52
----, Lester - son, age 13
Burt, George - Roomer, age 30, married, able to read and write,
all born in New York, Glass worker
Burt, Mertle - Roomer, age 32, married, able to read and write,
all born in New York
5 more roomers in house
(on index for this census her name is misspelled as Merth but on the actual handwritten page it is spelled Mertle)

New York, Erie County, Buffalo
( - Enumeration Of The Inhabitants of block no. X; Assembly District 04; Page 41;Line No. 14)
Peru Pl.
Werner, William - Head,W,Male,29yrs old
U. S.
Citizenship; 29 yrs.
Class W
Werner, Myrtle - wife, W,F, 29yrs old
U. S.
Citizenship; 29 yrs.
House Work

1930 in New York, Erie County, Buffalo City (
Werner, William
head, rent $15,
radio set, age 33,
married, age at first marriage 26,
able to read and write,
place of birth New York,
Father and Mother place of birth US,
Motorman, Street Railway
line number for unemployed 2A15, Veteran WWI
Wife, age 33,
married, age at first marriage 26,
place of birth for self and parents New York.

She resided: Hanford, Corning City Directories (Southeast Steuben County Library)

1913/1914 in Corning City, Steuben County, New York. Cornell Myrtle M. res 79 Apple alley.

Marriage Record Book.
Cornell, Myrtle M., age 20, 9/2/1916,
father Delos, mother Sarah,
spouse George Burt, Steuben County

Myrtle M. Cornell 1986

William Werner

Myrtle M. CORNELL was born 2 Apr 1896,died Mar 1987.
+ married 2 Sep 1916 in Steuben County, New York.
George BURT
+ married

NOTE: In the 1980's before Great Aunt Myrts death she gave Bunny genealogy information. That information is what we used as a starting point in our reseach. The following is some of what Bunny was told that we have not been able to confirm:
---2nd Husband DYKEMAN
The boys took the last name of the farmer they were farmed out to.(common in those days). Hulda Mead lived until the early 1900's. Tom Curtis was slim and good looking and Great Aunt Myrte had met him. She said he was in the Spanish-American War and stationed in Key West. Also, Maria disowned her son George (we don't know why). (7/5/2003)

Myrtle M. Cornell Burt Werner
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