Oliver Harding
1754 --------- 1838
Oliver Harding was counted in the following censuses:

1810 in New York, Steuben County, Canisteo
Ancestry.com; Page 46; Roll M252_37; Image 51
Name of head of Family: Oliver Harding
1 male under 10
1 male between 10 - 15
2 males between 16 - 25
1 male 45 and over
2 females between 10 - 15
1 female 45 and over

1820 in New York, Steuben County, Canisteo
Ancestry.com; Page 216; Roll M33_74; Image 220
Name of head of Family: Oliver Harding
1 male 16 - 18
1 male 16 - 26
1 male 45 and over
four or one (very hard to read) female under 10
1 female 10 - 16
1 female 45 and over
2 persons engaged in Agriculture

Ancestry.com-Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files,
1800-1900 record for Oliver Harding
Name: Oliver Harding
Pension Year: 1844
Application State: New York
Application Designation: Widow's Pension Application File
Second Applicant Name: Cloey Harding
Second Applicant Pension Year: 1840
Second Applicant Pension State: New York
Archive Publication Number: M804
Archive Roll Number: 1187
Total Pages in Packet: 83

Sources and Other information
(Source: Correspondence from Foster Harding to Ken Thomas
(March, 2001).)
"After the Wyoming Valley Massacre, which he survived,
Oliver joined the Continental army and served as a private until the end
of the war. He was in the Battle of Yorktown (Last battle of the war)."
He served in an Artillery Regiment.

DAR records list Oliver as serving in CT, NY, PA rank Pvt. Matross.

Oliver enlisted on January 1, 1777 discharged May 26, 1777. At present there is conflicting information on Oliver's military service. He may have left the military to return to Wyoming to help defend against a rumored attack by the British and Indians. The Wyoming Massacre. He may have returned to the military after the attack.

(Source: Ancestors of American Presidents pg 29) Oliver's brother Abraham moved to Pittston, PA abt. 1772 it is likely this is also when Oliver arrived in PA.

Harding Hill Cemetery
Fremont, Steuben Co., NY
Retyped by Annette Campbell - Formatted by Judy Cwiklinski-Steuben County GenWeb
BURIAL: Oliver Harding, 1754-1838
NY Line Art Reg. Rev. War Vet

Oliver Harding
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