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These are pictures we need help with.

Going left to right, the 2nd person is Joseph Diehl.
Faye answered, "The man is my dad. NOT Joseph..." So the 2nd person is John (Tony, Stan) Diehl.

The 3rd person, from left to right,is in several pictures we have but we don't know her. The following two pictures were taken on the same day we noticed, they are wearing the same cloths in both photos.

Are these others Friends or Family?

These might have been taken after a Fair or something?.

Below: Someone answered that the women below is Mary Mengla. And the next picture is her brother, possibly Joseph Mengla.

These three pictures are old and we arn't sure if these are part of my Mothers Polish family or not.If there is anything at all in the picture you think would help us we would like you to e-mail us.Need to know several things like a time frame or any info on clothing worn or things like that.

This was just told to us that this was a polish outfit.If you know more let us know please.

These old cars have us stumped too.If you know more let us know please.

Please click here for the Diehl Family Album

Photo Album for Our Family Tree

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